Liliana Rose

Actress, Singer, Dancer


Living in New York during her formative toddler years, Liliana Rose caught the theatre bug early on as she found herself surrounded by the buzzes of Broadway. Though her family relocated to Los Angeles in 2002, her New York memories kept her wonderment for theatre a constant. Thankfully, her parents filled her childhood with both theatre and dance classes.


Whether through the medium of Dialogue, song lyrics or dance, Liliana Rose is a storyteller. 

Liliana Rose.jpg

In 2014, Liliana found a second home at Texas State University. Under the direction of Kaitlin Hopkins, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre.  Alongside its musical theatre training, the program allowed her to delve into her love for classical plays through a study abroad program at The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Globe.

Aside from performing, Liliana is passionate about both fitness and baking. She is a barre-workout fanatic and swears that her best days are those when she has the chance to pulse until her muscles shake! Creating and sharing baked goods is Liliana's way of spreading love. Every time a birthday or a holiday rolls around, you can count on her to have a sweet treat ready to bring smiles to people's faces. 

For Liliana, happiness DEFINES SUCCESS. 

 smiLE ON.